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company news about Quality Month Series Activities | Henan Mine Company-wide "Quality Inspection"

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I bought this electric wire rope winch machine , it doesn't even struggle with the hundred plus pounds I lift with it. I love the auto stop function that keeps the lead just where you need it and the frame on this thing is super strong. I used longer bolts to mount it came with and have not had any issues. If you want an inexpensive powerful winch

—— RWilson

very fast shipping ...easy to unbox....works perfect would recommend this single girder overhead crane to anyone needing one of these.. and also a very very great price....thank.

—— Thomas W.

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Company News
Quality Month Series Activities | Henan Mine Company-wide "Quality Inspection"
Latest company news about Quality Month Series Activities | Henan Mine Company-wide "Quality Inspection"

The company's "Quality Month" activities continue to heat up and set off an upsurge
All mine workers continue to struggle
Keep improving, win by "quality"
Fully promote quality management
Take it to a new level!
On April 7, the company-wide "Quality Inspection" of Henan Mining was carried out vigorously. The quality inspection team composed of the company's quality improvement executive team, quality assurance department, process department and team leader conducts special inspections on key processes.


▲company headquarters "quality inspection"

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▲the company's intelligent industrial park "quality inspection"
production quality together, product quality and then improve
in order to achieve the whole process of quality control, further strengthen the standard implementation inspection, the quality inspection team from the production "source" to grasp, focusing on pretreatment (main beam, steel shot blasting), assembly (bending angle, bolt torque, brake wheel coupling installation, machining), inseam, finished product protection, etc. for special tracking inspection, timely inspection results, deal with opinions and rectification measures, improve and improve, and ensure the stability of product quality.

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▲quality inspection team, strict implementation of quality standards for inspection
tree quality awareness, create high-quality intelligent manufacturing
has always been adhering to the "boutique first, customer first" production service concept, highlighting the whole process of control, strengthening quality supervision, grasping quality research, focusing on solving existing quality problems, and promoting the smooth completion of the annual quality goals and tasks.

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▲the high-quality, high-performance new double girder crane developed by the company is used in the production and manufacturing of high-end manufacturing equipment in shengang, jiangsu province, and contributes to china's nuclear power industry.

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▲the xinyang vanadium-titanium 360t casting crane developed by the company is one of the representative works of "large tonnage" crane products in henan mine's boutique strategy, and is currently a casting crane with large lifting capacity in china.

henan mining crane co., ltd

▲the four-girder casting bridge crane developed by the company has the characteristics of precise speed regulation and efficient operation, and uses monitoring and sensing control technology to achieve fault detection and control functions to assist smelting enterprises to achieve production process optimization and matching, intelligent control and low-carbon production.
since april 1, the company's quality month series of activities in full swing, the company around the "from strong to refined, quality first, full action, for the company's 20th anniversary of the gift" activity theme, based on "full participation in quality management, comprehensively improve product and service quality" activity goals, in the form of colorful thematic activities, to achieve full, the whole process, all-round quality improvement, to promote the "quality month" activities to achieve practical results, it has injected strong impetus into the transformation and upgrading of the company from strong to refined.

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