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company news about Frontline Style|Zhan Jianbin, Henan Mine Assembler

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I bought this electric wire rope winch machine , it doesn't even struggle with the hundred plus pounds I lift with it. I love the auto stop function that keeps the lead just where you need it and the frame on this thing is super strong. I used longer bolts to mount it came with and have not had any issues. If you want an inexpensive powerful winch

—— RWilson

very fast shipping ...easy to unbox....works perfect would recommend this single girder overhead crane to anyone needing one of these.. and also a very very great price....thank.

—— Thomas W.

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Company News
Frontline Style|Zhan Jianbin, Henan Mine Assembler
Latest company news about Frontline Style|Zhan Jianbin, Henan Mine Assembler
“After one day on the job, we must do a good job of assembly quality control for the company to ensure that the products satisfy customers and are recognized by the market. ”This is a sentence that Zhan Jianbin, a fifth-shift assembler of Henan Mining machinery, often said.
He spoke slowly and whispered, and his work was vigorous and vigorous. This was the first impression of Zhan Jianbin when he first met him. In life, the personality is slow and hot. Once you arrive at the work site, you completely change your personality, focus and take it seriously, and don't let go of the product quality of each process, and don't let go of any possible safety hazards.
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Truth-seeking and pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising. He is an assembler with extensive experience. Since joining Henan Mines in 2016, he has been working on the assembly line. Long-term combat on the front line has allowed him to grow from an “apprentice” to a “master”, and then an experienced assembly team leader.
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Reduce material waste and improve assembly accuracy. Zhan Jianbin always thinks while working. In major projects such as Hesteel's 240-ton four-girder casting crane, Langxi Hongtai's 250-ton four-girder casting crane, and Baosteel, faced with complex production processes, high manufacturing accuracy, and short construction periods, Zhan Jianbin is calm and correct, strictly observing quality control, and leading the team members to accurately calculate geometric dimensions, reduce material waste, optimize workpiece technology, improve assembly accuracy, eliminate safety hazards, ensure safe production, and advance the company's production progress of large-scale projects.
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With the increasing number of company orders and the high standards of customers, Zhan Jianbin felt that his skills were far from meeting the needs of his job. Through a series of skills training conducted by the company, he has strengthened his theoretical knowledge, combined with accumulated experience, and improved his practical skills. In addition, he also actively participates in the Quality month series of activities organized by the company, conducts learning exchanges with other teams, and makes continuous progress. Step by step, Zhan Jianbin quickly grew into the company's technical backbone.
Zhan Jianbin kept in mind to pass on the help. In the team, he leads the apprentices to overcome difficulties, often organizes the apprentices to practice and learn. In view of the problems encountered in the assembly process, the apprentices are immediately summoned on the spot to lead by example and conduct demonstrations and training. Under his leadership, the apprentices have gradually matured and gradually become the team's assembly operation experts. He himself won the honor of "May 1st Model Worker”, and his team has won honors such as “Advanced Team” and “Product Quality Award” many times.
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Be a good miner and do a good job in mining. In ordinary jobs, Zhan Jianbin works tirelessly, does not relax in quality, does a good job of helping, works silently, and strives for excellence. He said: It's work. There is nothing that is not hard work. If you want to eat this bowl of rice well, you must take care of this bowl of rice, be yourself, make high-quality products, and repay the company and customers. This is Zhan Jianbin, an advanced figure on the front line.
Improve the quality again and strive to be the vanguard;
Create first and then strive for excellence, I will be the first to make high-quality products!
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